kurz.film.spiele Filmblock IV: »Limitless – Iranian Women Filmmakers«

(Original mit englischen Untertiteln)

Beginn 18:00 Uhr

Kuratiert von Ghasideh Golmakani

According to Iranian law, the life of a woman is half less valuable than the life of a man and she inherits half as much as her brothers. In this same patriarchal society, women continue to progress every day and sometimes surpass men; for example, 62% of university students are girls. A paradoxical phenomenon unknown to most Western audiences. Paradoxical, a term often used to describe Iranian society, can also be applied to its cinema. Despite all the social complexities of our times, there are about 1200 women filmmakers in Iran. With diverse points of view on their conditions, they are always pushing their limits in terms of both meaning and technique, trying to question their environment or, in a broader vision, their place in the world.

This program of short films aims to show this vast palette of Iranian women’s creations. Animation, documentary, and fiction films, this program allows a foreign audience to better observe the multiplicity and complexity in the universe of Iranian women of our time. Starting with a more committed film like „Left’Over“, and ending with a liberating one entitled „Moment and Forever“.


Left’Over, Yasaman Hasani, 5 min, animation, 2018

Taxi is Here, Sara Aghababayan, 15 min, fiction, 2020

Report on a Termination, Tahereh Shabanian, 15 min, fiction, 2021

Hanged, Roqiye Tavakoli,  15 min, fiction, 2019

Icky, Parastoo Cardgar, 5 min, animation, 2017

American Bull, Fatemeh Tousi, 15 min, fiction, 2020

The Toaster I Used to Live in, Rojin Shafiei, 7 min, documentary, 2016

Horn, Ghasideh Golmakani, 8 min, fiction, 2018

Moment and Forever, Yasaman Hasani 2 min, animation, 2019


Nach der Startzeit läuft das Programm bis 23 Uhr im Loop. 

Der Kurzfilm wird in der neu eingerichteten Kulturetage gezeigt. Der Zugang zur Kulturetage erfolgt vom Innenhof des Durchgangs von der Oberen Laube 55 (Restaurant Akropolis) zur Hussenstr. 4 (Untere Sonne, Backstage). Die Kulturetage befindet sich im 1. Stock.




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